Frequently (Un)Asked Questions – Pt. 1

Frequently (Un)Asked Questions – Pt. 1

For my job, I teach a class on how to use Aerohive’s Network Management System (NMS). It is a two day class that covers a majority of the knobs and dials in Aerohive’s HiveManager NG. This class assumes that attendees have a knowledge of networking and wireless in general. In fact, a recommended prerequisite is the CWNA certification.

That being said, not many attendees come fully educated on Wi-Fi. It seems that Wi-Fi is still not very extensively studied by the general public (as evidenced by there being fewer than 250 CWNEs worldwide). Therefore, I spend a good part of class going over some basic concepts of Wi-Fi to help explain some of the abilities of the NMS.

What often goes unnoticed, though, is that some attendees are not fully educated on networking basics either. Often times I cover a topic during class (such as the need for a trunk between APs and their switches) and I will be greeted with blank stares because a student doesn’t know what a trunk is, yet they don’t want to ask for fear of sounding stupid.

Thus, I am introducing a series called “Frequently (Un)Asked Questions”. This blog is intended to educate users on the basics of networking and Wi-Fi and will act as a repository for topics I often need to cover but don’t because the questions go unasked. Continue reading “Frequently (Un)Asked Questions – Pt. 1”